Join the Sweatshop Free Day of Action!

On October 7th 2016, People & Planet are teaming up with labour rights organisations in the Global South and taking action against sweatshop labour!

Workers’ rights abuses are prevalent within the electronics industry and work can often be precarious. Across the world, trade unions and civil society organisations are calling for better conditions in factories that make computers sold in Europe and elsewhere.

October 7th is the international day of action against precarious work, and People & Planet are supporting the struggle!

What can you do?

The most effective way we can change conditions and act in solidarity with workers in the electronics industry is to lobby our universities and colleges to join Electronics Watch.

You can use the day of action as a way of launching a Sweatshop Free campaign on your campus or continuing to build the pressure if you already have one. You could also target a store that sells electronics made in sweatshop conditions.

Whether you want to do something big or small, we’re looking for students to take all kinds of action up and down the country. Be as creative as you like! If you need some ideas, why not do one of the following?:

1. Take part in an online action.

  • Tweet your solidarity with workers across the world on #SweatFree2016

  • Take a photo with a poster showing your solidarity with workers in the Philippines and share it online. Download our sample poster here.

2. Organise an action on your campus

  • Hold a stall to publicise your university or college’s links to sweatshops and how affiliating to Electronics Watch could solve this.

  • Start a petition calling on your institution to affiliate to Electronics Watch.

  • Hold a public talk from a lecturer or trade union member on your campus on the topic of workers rights.

  • Set up a meeting with your Vice Chancellor to discuss Electronics Watch on this day.

  • Organise a protest, demonstration or rally.

3. Organise an action outside a store on your high street.

  • Samsung operates a strict no-union policy in their factories. Find a store that sells Samsung products and organise a protest outside of it.

  • Write a formal letter to a electronics store demanding they investigate abuses in their supply chains.

4. Check out some other ideas for actions.

Make sure if you are taking action, you get in touch with the office for support and send any photos to!